Gerd Lindner

After assuming his current position as senior scientist and project leader of Organ Modeling at the Department for Biotechnology, Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin, Germany in 2006, Gerd Lindner co-founded the biotechnology focused companies, Tissues GmbH in 2010 and provio GmbH in 2014 (CEO). Doctor Lindner graduated in biochemistry and researches into hair disorders and the science and applications of stem cells residing in the skin and other organs. He could recently succeed to bioengineer a fully in vitro established human hair follicle equivalent for substance testing and the further integration into skin equivalents as well as micro hair follicle transplants. He has published several high-ranked peer reviewed articles on hair and skin biology, serves as editorial board member and reviewer in various renowned journals, as scientific advisory board member and is active member of distinguished scientific societies.