Maria Kasper

Dr. Maria Kasper is an Assistant Professor in skin stem cell research at the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden. She received her PhD at the University of Salzburg in human genetics and molecular tumor biology. In 2013, after a 6-year postdoctoral training in skin biology using advanced mouse models, she established her lab focusing on skin stem cell dynamics by combining multicolor lineage tracing, single-cell RNA-sequencing, and computational biology. She has contributed with significant work in the fields of skin biology (e.g. Jaks et al. Nature Genetics 2008, Kasper at al. PNAS 2011, Füllgrabe et al. Stem Cell Reports 2015) and her lab pioneered the use of single-cell transcriptomics in skin (Joost et al. Cell Systems 2016, Joost et al. Cell Reports 2018). She also received several national and international recognitions such as the Swedish Cancer Society and the Center for Innovative Medicine Young Investigator Awards, Ragnar Söderberg Fellow in Medicine, SSF Future Research Leader Award, Jürgen Schweizer Prize, and LEO Foundation GOLD Award 2017.