Dominique Van Neste

Dominique Van Neste (M.D., Ph.D.) is the founder of Skinterface (1987). Skinterface is a private research structure working on an economical basis and aiming at the development of accurate hair measurement technologies (H.A.I.R.Technology®). Dr Van Neste is one of the Founding membres of the EHRS. Past-Secretary and past-President of e EHRS. Initiator of World gatherings in Brussels (1994) and many other meetings, the most recent being the 11th World Congress Hair Research meeting in 2019 Sitges, Barcelona Dr Van Neste has participated in various Clinical Trials. Authored over 80 papers in peer reviewed publications and co-authored or co-edited 5 Textbooks and Proceedings on Hair and Scalp disorders (1987-2004). He recently contributed to Montagna’s textbook book ‘Trichology'. Skinterface did actively contribute to improved quality of methods utilised by industrial partners (i.e. drug) and businesses developing cosmetic devices and/or appliances (hair shaving and removal). The results of objective comparative studies were published in the public domain as potential guides for future investigations (graowth rate, exogen hair, etc…).